How to delete a Spotify account?

Most of the people get bored while staying on a single platform. People want to move from one platform to another. But sometimes user data comes against them, they worry too much about what will happen to their data. But you don’t need to worry about that at all. We have a solution for your problem. I think you are worried about how to delete a Spotify account. Read & follow all the steps below carefully, after the end, you will be successful in deleting your Spotify account permanently.

How to delete a spotify  account ?

What is Spotify Premium APK?

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What happens when you delete a Spotify account?

You have multiple reasons to delete your Spotify account. Once you delete your account all of your data will be deleted. And you will never be able to access your data anymore. Also, you will lose your playlist, saved videos, liked songs, followers, and followings. 

And your account will never appear on search. You will also stop receiving emails, updates, and any other information.

How to delete a Spotify account?

Remember that you can only delete your account using a web browser on your mobile and computer. You cannot delete your account via mobile or desktop apps. 

You can delete your account permanently by following the steps below.

Step 1. Open Spotify in Your Computer browser.

Step 2. Open a Spotify account page.

Step 3. Click on the Support Menu.

How to delete spotify account?

Step 4. Click on the Account Help.

How to delete spotify account?

Step 5. Click on Account setting.

How to delete spotify account3

Step 6. Click on Closing your account and deleting your data.

How to delete spotify account?

Step 7. Click on Closing your account and deleting your data.

How to delete spotify account?

Step 8. Click on Close my account & delete my data.

How to delete spotify account?

After clicking a new window opens for chatting to Spotify Support. You can click on Close my Account.

How to delete spotify account?

When you click support sends you, your data like email & username, and also tells you about your plan after that support confirms your final decision for closing your account. If you click on close my account & delete my data and confirm your email, an email sent to your email for confirmation. After clicking close my account from your email your account will be permanently deleted after 7 days.

Can I delete my Spotify account on my mobile?

Suppose you want to delete your account on your mobile web browser. Login first and follow the above guidelines to terminate your account. Make sure that you can not delete your account on mobile or desktop apps.

Can I recover my deleted Spotify account?

If you change your mind or you have doubts that your account has been stolen then you can recover your deleted account. When you delete your account Spotify will email you a reactivation link that you can use to recover your account. You can recover your account within seven days of deletion. After seven days, Spotify will delete your account permanently and the process of deleting data is started. Once you delete your account you will not be able to recover it again.  You can create a new account whenever you want to use Spotify. 

How to cancel your Spotify premium subscription?

Before deleting your Spotify account, must cancel your subscription first. Follow these steps for canceling your Spotify premium subscription.

  • Login Spotify Account
  • Click on “your plane”
  • After that click on “Cancel premium”.
  • At the end verify with “Yes”.

Your subscription is canceled.

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